Xiaomi Mi Roborock S50 – Product Customer Review

Xiaomi, which has entered the home electronics market strongly in recent years, shows that it is also assertive in this area with its Roborock S50 model smart robot vacuum cleaner. Roborock S50; A model that draws attention with its cleaning tanks and beautiful design for cleaning both liquid and dusty places. This product, which you can use on a mobile device, can perform a detailed cleaning by applying different suction power depending on the floor it is on.

Xiaomi Mi Roborock S50 Review and Comments

Technicial Specifications

  • 360 degree laser scanning
  • 2000 Pa maximum suction power
  • 14.4v
  • 140ml water tank capacity
  • 480 ml dust tank capacity
  • 250m2 effective cleaning area
  • 150 minutes run time
  • 5200 mAh battery
  • 2 cm height feature
  • 3500 gr product weight

Xiaomi Roborock S50 Special Deals & Price

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Xiaomi Mi Roborock S50 Customer Reviews

“I took the product by taking a risk. There was a possibility that it wouldn’t work. But now I am still glad I bought it! I have been using it for about 20 days and I don’t feel the need to use our regular vacuum cleaner because the product itself is a normal cleaner. Carpet performance is great. It sweeps better than I do 🙂 I haven’t used the wipe feature yet. It’s great to sweep the room I want every two days with the command I give from my phone. Don’t think about it. You will not regret it.” John Brown

“The best friend of working ladies. He’s doing cleaning, I’m ironing. He cleans and I wash the bathroom. I no longer spend one of my two days of vacation to clean the house… The cleaning is 4. out of 5. If I did it, I could do 4.5 at most. I’m even late to take” Anna Yorvanov